Presentation of TRYME® hose manufactured by Mercedes Textiles Ltd.

We are going to present you an ultra resistant washing hose, the TRYME®. It has features that give it great advantages over other uncoated hoses. It is rightly considered as a public works hose.

It is made of a double polyester sheath coated with a polyurethane coating on both sides. Two lengths are available, 50 or 100 feet. To properly select your size, you must measure the length of the valve to the wall minus 25 feet. The last 25 feet corresponds to the distance covered by the spray of the nozzle. The TRYME® hose is available with brass connections and NPSH threads.

The hose manufacturer Mercedes Textiles Ltd. uses a process it developed to fuse the polyurethane to the polyester sheath, it is called Mertex®. The Mertex® process fuses the chosen casing with the polyester fiber during its manufacture. In the case of TRYME®, the inner lining is polyurethane.

According to the manufacturer, it is permanent and does not delaminate. This coating increases the resistance of the polyester fibers while maintaining the flexibility of the hose. Since the hose is extremely smooth on the inside, pressure losses are reduced and therefore the flow rate is directly increased.

In addition, the reduction of water absorption in the fiber reduces the weight of the casing while reducing the drying time. In addition, the pressurized casing stretches slightly and therefore the recoil movement is reduced during rapid feed stops.

This hose is resistant to most chemical and petroleum products, ozone, UV rays, hydrolysis, rot and mildew. This hose is designed for use in the chemical and petrochemical industries. It can also be used for waterborne decontamination. It is without a doubt an excellent choice for municipalities for places such as pools, arenas, parks, etc. The exterior polyurethane coating gives the hose great durability, especially when it is subjected to constant friction on concrete surfaces.

TRYME® remains flexible in extremely cold temperatures as low as -55°C (-56°F).

Technical specifications:

 Hose diameterHose diameterFitting diameterFitting diameterWorking pressureWorking pressureTest pressureTest pressureBurst pressureBurst pressure
TRYME®1.53.81 3/4442001375400275512008275

List of accessories most used with the hoses.


The plastic or brass nozzle are without a doubt an indispensable item. Note that for plastic lances you will have the choice between a lance that makes a mist spray (IBPLE) or a nozzle that projects a full spray (IBPL15). We recommend the full spray nozzle; it is more practical for washing.

Hose holders:

There are 2 types of installation: vertical or circular. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Horizontal hose reel:

We must exclude this type of reel because the hose is too thick, it would be painful to install it on the pins and then remove them.

Vertical reel:

This support is also well known as the Taraton. It allows you to install the hose on a square beam or inside an I-beam. The hose is more securely attached and therefore better protected against accidental unrolling. This type of support requires more time for installation and for reinsertion of the hose after use.

The circular reel:

Often neglected because of its higher cost, it is still an excellent device for storing hoses. There are 2 models of circular reels: the 18″ diameter model can store 50 or 75 feet of hose (IBD18), the second larger model with a 24″ diameter can roll up to 150 feet of hose (IBD24). Access is easier and the hose can be replaced more easily than those installed on a vertical reel. To install properly, you must fold the hose in half and rewind it on the reel. Make sure to place the fitting that connects to the valve directly in relation to the valve positioning. If the valve is at the bottom of the hose reel, the valve connection should be at the bottom and the lance connection at the top. Conversely, if the valve is at the top. The addition of a hose reel cover (IBC75 or IBC100) is a good practice to avoid accidental hose unwinding.

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Sylvain Patrice t.p.i.

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